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Day 1

I couldn't believe my good luck when I talked them into joining me for this summit.  Seriously.

Brad Powell is going to be talking about video, and using video in your business.  He'll knock your socks off with his presentation, and tips that you can walk away with and put to use immediately in your business.

David Brier is going to be talking about the pillars of branding. He's one of THE top branding experts in the world.  I told him he's a demigod. 😉 At least to me he is.

Kendrick Shope is going to be presenting on hosting a consult that sells. That is- without being icky, sleezy, slimy or awful.  I can tell you from experience that her stuff WORKS.

Jennie Wright is going to be talking about growing your email list ORGANICALLY.  You know, for free.  Anything that brings in clients for free is amazing.

I'm also speaking, on social media.  I grew my group to over 61000 members in just about 2 years.

Day 1

Day 2

Raise your hand if you've been annoyingly frustrated with discussion of "ideal clients", and "just get clients on Linked In.. How are you supposed to do that, exactly?

We have those answers and more with today's speakers.

Michelle McGlade reminded me of some of the very basics that I had totally forgotten.  I sat there trying to take notes hoping she wasn't noticing what I was up to during our interview.

Sherry Lee Woycik will be helping you back away from that boost button, saving you money, and making you even more.

Andre Abi Awad is teaching on how to get clients using Linked In.  Just follow this simple process, and Boom!  Clients.

Does Selling frustrate you?  Christine Schlonski is a sales goddess, and is going to explain how to make it WORK for you in a way that is real, and authentic.

My friend Galit Rozen Ventura is going to be talking about getting yourself booked to speak. How cool is that?

​​​​​​​Jen Rudd is going to explain how business systems and marketing together are going to make you way more money. It is sexy, and is going to save you HOURS and HOURS, and put so much more money back in your pocket.

Day 2

Day 3

When I first started this entrepreneurial journey, I wish I had known about things like brand colors, and what to wear on camera.  

See, an MBA doesn't really teach you those things, but today's speakers will.

Jenn Possick is a Facebook Ads Strategist, who is going to share some top secret tips you need to know to avoid throwing money away on ads.

Josee Brisebois is going to be talking about a few tidbits on what to wear (and not wear!) on camera.

Kiera Cassanova i is talking about the bigger picture, and the different perspectives of turtles and giraffes.

Laura Francis is astonishingly real, and talking about being your authentic self.  She's a tattoo toting, and tea drinking Aussie who tells us like it is.

Rachel Wilson Thibodeaux is going to be teaching you how to disrupt the market, and do your own thing.

Day 3

Day 4

If you want to create your signature program, Simone Vincenzi is here to help with that.

Are you frustrated by email marketing?  If so, Vanessa Cabrera is here to help you find your way!

Victoria Cook is going to be talking about finding your way to success.

If you are looking for your unique brand, Cora Spoladore will be talking about branding.

If social media drives you up a wall, Elizabeth Pampalone's talk will help you find some real tips for managing the best.

Day 4

Day 5

Your website should be your best employee.  If it's not converting, you have a problem. Learn how to get those magical conversions with Jennifer Crego.

Kathryn Rose has been managing social media since it became a thing, and has probably forgotten as much as most of us will ever know.

Leslie Flowers works with powerhouse women, and a few smart men, to get the results that they're looking for in their businesses.  Learn how goals, and setting them can change your life.

Lynne Sagen is a technology whisperer, and will help you master that "stuff" in your business.

Anita Kirkbride, is talking about social media.  If you feel like your social media is struggling, she can help you straighten it out, and get it going where you want it to!

Day 5

Day 6

Networking meetings suck.  Or do they?  Learn how to make them work for you and actually get clients with Catherine Johns.

Think PR is just about sending out press releases?  Before you send out another one, listen to this presentation by Christina Nicholson.

Are all of your marketing ducks in a row, and headed in the same direction?  Or is it more like a herd of cats going everywhere?  Learn why your marketing efforts need to all be coordinated, planned, and strategically designed with Janice Means.

Wondering if you should write a book, and how that fits into your business?  Learn how with Lisa DeSpain.

Do you have a juicy idea you'd like to get out in the world?  If so, learn how to get it to see the light of day with Natalie Blais.

Day 6

Day 7

If you're feeling lost, Amy Lasseter helps business owners find their way, and supports her clients by being the most comfortable, supportive 18-hour support bra ever!

Barry Schimmel helps others who have a mission and passion to continue to advance themselves, to contribute to others, and to leave a positive impact on the world.

Dr. K has been a leader in integrative, holistic approaches to business since dinosaurs walked the earth.  Or at least to younger people it would seem that way. Her approach teaches individuals how to consciously create the life they want, instead of being limited by what others – or they themselves – currently see as possible.

Kat Tierney is going to be teaching about Facebook Ads, and how to keep your money in your own pockets.

Lauren Clemett has word blindness, and uses her unique view on the world to show brands how they are seen.

Day 7

Day 8

If doing everything, all the time, and being a parent with a business is overwhelming, then you will want to listen to Rachel Allan!

Is your message a movement?  Should it be?  Divya Parekh talks about making your message a movement in this interview.

Is your head keeping you stuck where you are?  If so, Estelle Gibson can help you with those mindset issues (and with small business owners, most of the battle is in your head!)

Want to do some public speaking?  Do some videos?  Learn how to warm up properly, and try these exercises with Helen Moses.

Laurece West is a voice and performance coach.  If public speaking is in your future, she can help you do what you need to do to be amazing on stage!


Day 8

Day 9

Mande White Pearl travels the world facilitating people to expand their impact & incomes and opening them to the possibilities and profits by being more of THEM in the world.

Nathalie Guerin is an energy healer & intuitive coach.

Tania Dakka's been writing emotionally charged copy since 2011.

Danielle Miller is the author of the popular book, Smartypants Branding, a practical, witty, and actionable guide to crafting a brand that gets recognized, remembered, and makes service-based entrepreneurs wildly profitable.

Nadia Finer is one of the UK’s most foremost business coaches with ten years experience supporting female entrepreneurs in her own unique style.

Teresa Hawley-Howard is a domestic violence survivor and an advocate. Her mission in life is to help other women find their voice and share their stories!

Day 9

Day 10

If you struggle to get stuff done, then you will want to listen to Katie Gailes, and get her download to help you manage the Get Stuff done dilemma.

Gill Fountain is going to be sharing some great marketing tips, that you NEED in your business.

Irene Prokpiw will be talking about how to get published, get into magazines, and get seen on podcasts and radio shows.

If you are a new business owner, you'll want to listen to these tips from Xiomara- Margie Overman for the most important systems you need in your business.

Zona Garrett is here to help you manage social media, and navigating the crazy online world.

Tracy Phillips is a video strategist, mom & professional enthusiast. She believes video is not a one-size-fits-all marketing solution.

Day 10

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