Speaker Form Submissions

Thank you for your interest in being a speaker for the Alchemy of Successful Online Marketing Summit. This is the second part of helping me set up your materials.

In this form, you’ll need to submit the following, each in a separate paragraph.

  1. Short Biography- up to 250 words
  2. 2-3 Sentence Description of your download
  3. A link to your download
  4. 2-3 Sentence description of your speech topic
  5. A headshot of you, sized 300X300 (We need a square headshot, to fit the forms, and templates).  Please make sure you name the file as firstname.lastname.JPG or firstname.lastname.PNG.  It is VERY important that you name the file properly so that we can connect the dots with pictures submitted to speakers.  If we can’t match the information, you may be removed from the Summit, because we won’t have what we need

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